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Earth Kandee

Vanilla Collagen Latte - Post Workout

Vanilla Collagen Latte - Post Workout

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Banana, organic peanut butter, spinach, date, organic espresso beans, organic vanilla, organic hemp seeds, vegan collagen, almond milk.

Nutritional info

Calories 303

Total Carbohydrate 42.7g

Protein 18.7g

Total Fat 5.6g

Saturated Fat 0.6g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 0mg 

Sodium 72.5mg

Dietary Fiber 5g

Total Sugars 29g

Added Sugars 0g

Calcium 94.5g

Iron 1.9g

Potassium 795.9mg

Caffeine 60mg


Great for pre or post workout! Lightly caffeinated, 18g's of protein. Focus, clarity, memory, + brain function.

Vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant) & silica (from bamboo) in the vegan collagen help revitalize cells and support the bodys natural collagen production.

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