🌱 No artificial flavors 🌱 No added sugars 🌱 No gums 🌱 No artificial preservatives 🌱 Plant-based 🌱 Nutritionist-reviewed 🌱 Eco-friendly packaging 🌱 Woman-owned 🌱 Local produce 🌱 Macro-balanced 

Our Story

We believe eating healthy shouldn't be hard or time consuming. Most of all, we believe it should taste good.

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  • These smoothies are DELICIOUS. So convenient and healthy too. Such a treat after a sweaty yoga class!!

    Amy C.

  • Earth Kandee smoothies are hands down the best smoothies eveerrrr. The PB&J Powerhouse and Immune Booster are my fav!

    Chelsea W.

  • Earth Kandee smoothies not only taste delicious but you can taste how thoughtfully created each recipe is. So good and so convenient!

    Jewell S.

  • Each of these delicious smoothies offer something so good and healthy for us it’s amazing! My favorite is the PB+J Powerhouse and every time I eat it, I feel satisfied and enjoy the flavor so much!


  • As a busy mom I am always wanting my food to be quick, convenient and then of course delicious. Earth Kandee makes it so easy to have something healthy and fast to grab and go! All the thinking and prep is done for you so it can’t get any better than that.

    Kaylie C.

  • My absolute favorite smoothie to have after a workout! They’re all delicious but the PBJ is filling and the protein she uses is 10/10! Highly recommend! The kale, vanilla latte, chocolate covered strawberry smoothies are also great!


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