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consider the options below before requesting a fridge

Finding the ideal fridge match involves careful consideration. We strive for every fridge to excel and serve you exceptionally well.

  • Is there a prominent, high-traffic location available where my fridge will consistently be visible?
  • Do I have the budget to support a smart fridge in my business?
  • Is there a 5G wireless connection?
  • Choose the vending service that suits your needs best. We offer options for fully or partially subsidized food programs, as well as zero-sub. If funding the fridge isn't your aim, we can assist in determining daily purchase requirements for installing a fridge in your location.


Fully or Partially-Subsidized Fridge: typically for places like private offices

Zero-Sub Fridge: typically for high-traffic locations like busy gyms, hospitals, airports, etc.

Handsoff, Turnkey Solution

Experience the ultimate convenience with our smart fridge installation - a seamless process that takes just 10 minutes. Sit back and relax as we handle everything from stocking it with fresh, healthy goodies to managing orders and ensuring regular maintenance.

Happy Employees

Access to fresh, healthy food is proven to increase productivity & promote overall well-being.

Support Local

Our smart fridges are thoughtfully curated with an array of healthy food options from exceptional small, local businesses as well as brands you know & trust.

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