Who we are

Welcome to Earth Kandee, your local source of wellness in a glass (or frozen compostable cup should we say?).
We are dedicated to giving you the very best produce with a little Ayurvedic/Adaptogenic elements sprinkled in. We provide a perfectly balanced and nutritious smoothie, made by you, in the comfort of your own home. With the added benefit of sustainable, plant-based, good-for-you ingredients. Better yet, you didn't have to go anywhere to get it. Health made handy.

Founded by me, Kristen Anderson, in 2020 amid our global pandemic, Earth Kandee has come a long way from its beginning idea of an actual smoothie shop located in Santa Paula. Locked up in quarantine like the rest of us, I had nothing but time for business planning and endless amounts of research to find the best and most practical way to begin sharing and encouraging health in the community. With no end in sight (at the time), and food delivery sky rocketing, the take+blend smoothie idea was born.

My drive behind Earth Kandee is to do something big for our planet and good for those around me. That is why our smoothies are all whole ingredients with no added sugars, fillers, or gums. Just real plant-based deliciousness that you can feel good about. Like..candy..from.. the Earth.

Our cups, lids, and bags are recycled and compostable, and I am taking back delivery bags to be reused. This is just the beginning. I have so many great ideas for this company and can’t wait to share them and my smoothies with such a wonderful community. I hope you all enjoy the smoothies as much as I enjoy researching and creating them for you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Xo,Kristen Anderson(eat more plants)