How it Works

🌱 No artificial flavors 🌱 No added sugars 🌱 No gums 🌱 No artificial preservatives 🌱 Plant-based 🌱 Nutritionist-reviewed 🌱 Eco-friendly packaging 🌱 Woman-owned 🌱 Local produce 🌱 Macro-balanced 


We do the prepping + portioning so you don't have to.

Order stress-free smoothies now

A delicious, nutritionist-reviewed menu

Our certified sports nutritionist reviews each recipe for an optimum balance of carbs, fat, and protein to ensure proper blood sugar balance. We pride ourselves in only offering real ingredients with no added gums, sugars, fillers, or artificial preservatives. Health made handy.

Easy delivery or pickup

Fresh ready-to-blend or grab-n-go smoothies delivered right to you, hassle free.


How does delivery work?

We prep + deliver on a weekly basis. Order your smoothies online and choose your delivery day at checkout. We offer deliveries on Tuesdays-Friday from 4pm-6pm. Order windows close each week on Sundays at Midnight & we prep fresh every Monday. Each order placed after Midnight on Sundays will be prepped & delivered the week after. 

How does free pickup work?

Free smoothie pickup is available on Tuesdays at Bossfit gym, located across from Frontside Cafe, 1050 E Thompson Blvd Unit D, Ventura, CA 93001, or during open gym hours at Persistence Culture located at 3503 Arundell Cir Unit A, Ventura, CA 93003.

Order your smoothies online and choose "Pickup" at checkout.

Check in at the front desk as you arrive and someone will help you with your smoothie order. Our order windows close each week on Sundays at Midnight. Each order placed after Midnight on Sundays will be ready for pickup the week after. 

How long do the smoothies last?

Our grab-n-go smoothies last two weeks unopened in the fridge. Once opened consume within 2-3 days. If you place the grab-n-go smoothies in the freezer they last 6-8 months. If you keep the bottles in the freezer you can put one in the fridge the night before you drink it and it will be thawed by the am!

The ready-to-blend smoothies last 6-8 months in the freezer. Once blended they last 24-48 hours in a closed container in the fridge.

Do I have to be home for deliveries?

Yes. Our smoothies are delivered to you frozen or partially frozen and we use minimal packaging to keep our carbon footprint low.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver in all of Ventura County

How do I make the ready-to-blend smoothies?

The ready-to-blend smoothies are kept in your freezer until you're ready to blend.When ready, fill the cup with your liquid of choice (each smoothie comes with a recommended liquid base on its label but add what feels right!), pour the entire contents of the cup into your blender and blend! Pour your smoothie back into the cup & enjoy.

How do the grab-n-go smoothies work?

These smoothies come pre-blended and bottled for you. We have 4 flavors + 1 seasonal flavor available!

You will see a "pre-workout" or "post-workout" tag in the title of each grab-n-go smoothie. Our certified sports nutritionist reviews each recipe and categorizes the smoothies into pre-workout or post workout. This is just a suggestion, enjoy the smoothies whenever you like! However, the pre-workout (higher carb) smoothie is great for fueling a workout & the post-workout (higher protein) smoothie is great for after a workout because it gives your muscles the amino acids it needs to build + repair.

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